2021 Annual International Symposium

Opening & Closing Ceremony Registration | Workshop 1 – 4 Registration | Keynote Speakers Biographies and Abstracts | Workshop 1 – 4 Biographies and Abstracts | Student Video Competition

Monday, Nov 15 – Wednesday, Nov 17, 2021 8:00 AM – 12:00 PM EST (U.S. Eastern Time)

Three days / 4 hours per day- Virtual Event | Knoxville, TN | United States of America

Should you need further details about this event, please contact Sara Mulville (smulvill@utk.edu).

Session Recordings
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For those who were not able to attend the live symposium, all sessions recordings are available here.


Keynote Speakers' Abstracts and Biographies

Keynotes, Abstracts and Biographies
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Jiří Jaromír Klemeš
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Marty Matlock
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J.B. Ruhl
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Bridget Scanlon
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Workshop Speakers' Abstracts and Biographies

Workshop 1
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Water Security and Sanitation- Speakers' Abstracts and Biographies. Click here!
Workshop 2
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Sustainable Urban Ecosystem Services- Speakers' Abstracts and Biography. Click here!
Workshop 3
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Urban-Rural Co-Prosperity- Speakers' Abstracts and Biography. Click here!
Workshop 4
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Sustainable Urban Economy and Society-Speakers' Abstracts and Biography. Click here!


Student Video Competition. Instructions here!
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Accepting submissions now. Deadline: Monday, November 8, 2021 at 5:00pm EST
Student Video Submissions
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Click on each session title you would like to attend, and a new window will open to register on Zoom. You will need to register for each individual session.

DAY 1 & 3: Opening and Closing Ceremony Registration

Monday, November 15th

Wednesday, November 17th

8am – 12pm (U.S. Eastern Time)

Opening and Closing Ceremony
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Keynotes: Marty Martlock, Univ. of Arkansas, USA; Jiri Klemeš, Univ. of Technology, Czech Republic; J.B. Ruhl, Vanderbilt Univ., USA, Bridget Scanlon Univ. of Texas at Austin, USA.

DAY 2 & 3: Concurrent Workshops (1-4) Registration

Tuesday, November 16th

Wednesday, November 17th

8 am-12 pm (U.S. Eastern Time)

Workshop 1: Urban Water Security and Sanitation
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Chairs: Dr. Frank Löeffler, Dr. Michael Seeger, Dr. Jon Hathaway, Dr. Weiwei Mo Meeting ID 914 9823 6462
Workshop 2: Sustainable Urban Ecosystem Services
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Chairs: Dr. Jie (Joe) Zhuang, Dr. Marinus Otte, Dr. Lei Zhao, Dr. Adam Sochacki Meeting ID 925 6875 0645
Workshop 3: Urban-Rural Co-Prosperity
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Chairs: Dr. Jamie Greig, Dr. Andrea Hicks, Dr. David Ader Meeting ID 926 1885 1932
Workshop 4: Sustainable Urban Economy and Society
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Chairs: Dr. Mingzhou Jin, Dr. Wendy Tate, Dr. Tom Gill Meeting ID 973 3616 7215


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