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The mission of the International Student FEWSUS Network is to develop a diverse, globally engaged student association to address issues related to the nexus of water-food-energy in urban systems at a local and global scale. FEWSUS is an acronym standing for Food, Energy, and Water for Sustainable Urban Systems. Our goal is to engage students in scientific discussions while developing a student community of practice aligned to SDG goals.

This FEWSUS student-led network benefits from the support and guidance of lead PIs and researchers at FEWSUS. Specifically, are goals are to:

  1. Highlight student research activities related to urban food energy water nexus across the globe
  2. Develop a student-centered and student-led Sustainable Knowledge Platform and Community of Practice
  3. Organize an annual International Student FEWSUS Conference.
  4. Inform students about existing jobs, internships and research opportunities in relation to urban sustainability.

What can I as a student do to contribute?

We ask students to get involved and join our network.  Share ideas by presenting at events, seminars and providing content for our social media.  Participate in our video podcasts by highlight initiatives and work that is being conducted in your own countries in relation to urban sustainability. Inform the student workgroup about existing opportunities and barriers in your own cities so we can collectively discuss and find solutions. We want your input and that of underrepresented stakeholders in your communities on how to improve urban sustainability and move forward towards a more promising future.