Zhijing Wu

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Country: China

Institution: Shenyang Agricultural University

Email: 15556965332@163.com


Hello, my name is Zhijing Wu and my English name is Candice. I graduated from Economics School of Anhui University in 2019. For now, I am studying in the School of Land and Environment, Shenyang Agricultural University for master’s degree. My major is Environmental Engineering. My adviser is professor Mingda Liu who has years of research in Agricultural Environment and Soil Chemistry. Shenyang is my hometown, it’s a beautiful ecological city with lots of green space. After times of investigation in the countryside, our group found that there are still some environmental problems to be solved. I’ve participated in writing Life Cycle Assessment report for an energy company. I enjoy writing and reading which helps me cultivating a positive living attitude. I have always dreamed of improving and promoting advanced agricultural production technologies.