Can Liu

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Country: China

Faculty Advisor: Fengkui Qian

Institution: Shenyang Agricultural University

Program of Study: Agricultural Resources and Environment, college of Land and Environment


My name is Liu Can, an undergraduate majoring in land Resource Management in College of Land and Environment of Shenyang Agricultural University. I have been fond of knowledge about geography since childhood.As a student majoring in land resource management, I have great interest in soil-related ecology and water resource utilization.


How to make urban water more environmentally friendly and ecological? Nowadays, the main sources of daily water use are basically surface water and groundwater, which seem to be renewable resources. But there are many problems, such as surface water is facing pollution, water cut, and surrounding the river salinization is aggravating, and excessive extraction of groundwater, also make the city is facing the ground settlement, the ecological environment in the crucible of variation, so how to make the standardization of urban water, how to control water, let the whole city water system more ecological, Become the top priority of the smooth operation of the urban system.