Clara Romero

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Country: Colombia

Institution: Universidad del Valle

Program of Study: Masters Water Resources Management


Colombia is one of the 3 most biodiverse countries on the planet and this biodiversity is largely supported by the wealth in quantity and quality of water that my country owns. However, territorial and economic planning have been made without all the information about the water resource and I fear that they are putting the natural balance in danger.
One of my great concerns is the lack of technological application for communities that want to protect their water resources and do not have access to the discoveries of purification or wastewater treatment.
One of my short-term goals is to be able to study for a master’s degree that combines integrated water resources management and technologies applied to the environmental, social, political, and economic context of the communities. I have been interested in solutions based on nature that can use the ecosystems and the services they provide, to respond to various challenges such as climate change, disaster risk and finally ensure that all humans have access to clean water.
In the long term, I would like to build an organization that designs, advises, and builds the best solutions for the purification and management of wastewater for the problems of transformation of raw materials in the communities.