Duncan McCurry

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Email Address: dmccurr1@vols.utk.edu

Country: USA

Institution: University of Tennessee- Institute of Agriculture

Program of Study: Biosystems Engineering and Soil Sciences


Duncan McCurry is currently a student at University of Tennessee, Knoxville pursuing a master’s degree in environmental and soil sciences.  His research interests include land use changes, urbanization, and sustainable development.  Duncan joined the FEWSUS project after completing his bachelor’s degree in environmental science from UTK in 2019.  In undergrad, he gained research experience working in a greenhouse study for the soil physics department exploring the impacts of biochar additions to corn plants.  Additionally, he participated in competitions with the UTK soil judging team, traveling to Virginia Tech, Western Kentucky University, and California Polytechnic Institute for regional and national-level competitions. 

By working with the FEWSUS project at UTK, Duncan hopes to gain a greater understanding of the complex dynamics of urban sustainability and ways that international transdisciplinary research can address modern development issues.