Emma Navarro Roque

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Country: Honduras

Institution: Zamorano Pan-American Agricultural School

Email: nemmasarahi8@gmail.com


Environment and Development Engineering and M.Sc. Sustainable Tropical Agriculture, she is committed to contributing to the empowerment and recognition of women in agriculture. Also, it seeks local socioeconomic development, management of natural resources and incentives for sustainable productive activities. She has been a speaker at the Agtec conference in the Human Nutrition thematic area with the research “Food waste, a food safety problem?”, As well as a speaker at the second program on Water Resources Management and Agriculture. She has also participated in the Thematic Hearings Contest before the IACHR-OAS 2022 in the thematic area “Climate Change and its communities to indigenous peoples and Afro-descendant communities from a gender perspective and women’s rights. She has been part of the Exchange Workshop on Sustainable Coffee Business and Women’s Empowerment.