Esther Parish

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Institution/Organization: Oak Ridge National Lab

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Committee(s): Collaborator

Geographer & Landscape Ecologist

Dr. Esther S. Parish has been a researcher with ORNL’s Environmental Sciences Division since 2010 and currently leads interdisciplinary research projects for the US Department of Energy’s Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy (DOE EERE). Her primary research interests include utilizing geographic information science and integrated models and datasets to assess (1) potential synergies and tradeoffs between environmental and socioeconomic indicators of sustainability for renewable energy resources and (2) potential climate change impacts on human populations and water resources. With a Ph.D. in Energy Science & Engineering through the Bredesen Center for Interdisciplinary Graduate Research and Education, an M.S. in Geography from The University of Tennessee, and B.S. in Geology & Geophysics from Yale University, Dr. Parish has expertise in landscape ecology, sustainability science, watershed hydrology, and pollution prevention. Dr. Parish has published over 35 articles in journals including Applied EnergyPNASEcology & SocietyEcological IndicatorsEnvironmental Management, and Computers & Geosciences. She was recently named a 2021 Clean Energy Education & Empowerment (C3E) Finalist in the category of “Social, Economic, & Policy Innovation.”