Fall 2023 Seminar Series- “Regenerative Agriculture in Argentina and Regional Net-Zero Transitions”

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Monday, October 16, 2023 | 11:30am-12:30pm-

In person event- University of TennesseePBB 160

Should you need further details about this event, please contact Sara Mulville (smulvill@utk.edu).

Title: Regenerative Agriculture in Argentina and Regional Net-Zero Transitions

Speaker: Marcelo Torres

About Aapresid: The Argentine No-till Farmers Association (Aapresid) is a non-governmental and non-profit organization founded in 1989, in response to the high rate of soil erosion caused by conventional tillage, a paradigm of deterioration. Aapresid encompasses a network of farmers and agronomists who share a common interest in the conservation of soil, their main resource, through the adoption and promotion of an agricultural paradigm based on no-till farming, a paradigm of care, of regeneration, of continuous improvement. Aapresid currently has 1800 members producing and consulting on over 11 million hectares in Argentina, spread across 9 Argentine provinces. AAPRESID organizes and delivers on several activities: Annual National Congress (the 2023 edition received around five thousand attendees); development of field trials; promotion of field days and seminars for technological exchange between domestic and foreign farmers; and the promotion of joint research and extension activities with universities, agricultural research centers and private companies. AAPRESID has experience developing projects in association with and/or supported by international academic institutions, development banks and foreign government agencies. AAPRESID plays a fundamental role in the evolution and spread of regenerative agriculture and net-zero initiatives in Latin America.

Biography: Marcelo Torres is President of the Argentine Association of No-Till Farming. Where he previously served as Vice President (2021-2023), Prospective Program Director (2018-2021), Chacras Research Program Director (2016-2018). He is currently Director of Ceres Tolvas Group, member of the Ceres Tolvas Group Technology Innovation Department and representative of Ceres Tolvas in the Agtiva innovation ecosystem. Board member of Innventure – Investment Fund integrated by farmers and agricultural entrepreneurs that invests in innovative companies with Agtech development. He is the new chair for Confederation of American Associations for Sustainable Agriculture (CAAPAS). Agricultural Engineer, graduated from the National University of Buenos Aires with specialization in crop production from the National University of Mar del Plata.