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UT-FEWSUS delegation travel to Argentina in June 2022 to discuss research and proposal development for upcoming NSF and USDA RFPs. The delegation conducted site visits to INTA’s experimental station in the cities of Buenos Aires, Balcarce, Bariloche, Mendoza and Tucumán. Meetings were scheduled with researchers, private and public sector stakeholders working in agri-food systems and bioenergy projects. The team also visit the city of Rosario, global agricultural export hub, to meet with industry and stakeholders leading urban innovative programs nationwide. The delegation was composed by faculty from the department of Agricultural Economics, Forestry and Plant Science. Travel members included Drs. Chris Boyer, Aaron Smith, Adam Willcox, Juan Luis Jurat-Fuentes, Jonathan Walton, and Ms. Sara Mulville (project manager). Meetings were conducted with Drs. Aldo Arroyo, Eduardo Cittadini, Daniel Somma (INTA), Dr. Javier Grosfeld, Mayor Horacio Paradela (Administration for National Parks), Dr. Esteban Barelli and Ariel Angeli (Research Team, CREA Producer group), Ms. Josefina Eisele (Latin America Director for Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef), and Joseph Kenneth (Foreign Agricultural Services Representative, US Embassy in Buenos Aires), Dr. Carlos Steigner, Bernardo Piazzardi, Roberto Feeney (Univ. Austral Rosario) and Emilce Terre,  Guido D’Angelo (Rosario Board of Trade- Chief Economist Research unit).