Nicole M. Villarreal Garay

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Country: Panama

Institution: Technological University of Panama



My name is Nicole Villarreal, I’m 23 years old, I’m from Panama. I studied Industrial Mechanical Engineering at the Technological University of Panama (UTP). From 2022 until this year, I worked at the Center for Electrical, Mechanical and Industry Research and Innovation (CINEMI) of the UTP where we conceptualized the thesis of Factors and Indicators of Energy Poverty in Panama, which allowed us to know different energy scenarios in the country. I am currently part of the research “Design and Implementation of a Methodological Tool for the application of criteria and Indicators of Energy Poverty in Panama.” I have experience working as a power plant dispatch center operator in remote locations. I am interested in continuing to expand knowledge about energy and working in this branch, which will have a great impact on all generations highlighting the effects on men and women, and also the economic factor. On the other hand, I am a volunteer in foundations related to children and women, specifically focused on education.