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FEWSUS UT collaborators, Dr. Forbes Walker, Dr. Shawn Hawkins, and Sara Mulville (program manager) traveled to Guatemala to meet agribusinesses during the first week of June 2022.  A CSA workshop was co-organized with the Private Institute for Climate Change Research (ICC) and the Guatemala Association of Sugar Cane Producers (ASAZGUA) that are adopting climate-smart agriculture (CSA) technologies and generating renewable energy from biomass (bagasse). Sugarcane by product supplies the city of Guatemala and other urban centers with an estimate 12% of its electricity demands. Field site visits were done at Ingenio Pantaleon, Ingenio Magdalena, Cenigicaña and Meme-Hame group (banana and palm oil producers) in the Pacific Coast. Guatemala organizers include Dr. Alex Guerra (ICC), Eng.Sergio Achila (Meme Group), Eng. Cindy Estrada, Fritz Versluys, Gilmar Arriaga (Hame group), Eng. Mynor Chevez, Belvet Escobar (Ingenio Magdalena), Eng. Fabricio Alvarado, Andres Ramirez (Ingenio Pantaleon). Topics covered during discussions include CSA practices and technologies, management of liquid effluents and solid waste management.