Virginia Dale

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Institution/Organization: University of Tennessee

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  • Research Coordination Advisory Board

Keyword(s) of Area of Expertise:

  • landscape ecology
  • sustainability
  • stakeholder engagement


Dr. Virginia Dale is an adjunct professor at the University of Tennessee and Corporate Fellow Emeritus at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. She earned a M.S. in Mathematics from the University of Tennessee and a Ph.D. in Mathematical Ecology at the University of Washington. Her work has resulted in 11 books and more than 270 scientific articles. She has served on scientific advisory boards for five US agencies (the Departments of Agriculture, Interior, Energy, and Defense and the Environmental Protection Agency), several committees of the National Academies of Science, and the 2007 IPCC Scientific Assessment that received the Nobel Peace Prize.

Virginia is a part of the EngageINFEWS Research Coordination Network (RCN) supported by NSF to bring researchers and stakeholders together to discuss and develop best practices for community engagement in Food, Energy, and Water systems (FEWS) science. See

Her recent publications include:
• Dale VH, Kline KL, López Ridaura S, Eichler, SE, Ortiz-Monasterio, I, and Ramirez, LF. 2020. Towards sustainable landscapes: Lessons from agricultural systems in Northwestern Mexico and the Western Highlands of Guatemala. Futures 124: 102647.
• Kline KL, Dale VH. 2020. Protecting biodiversity through forest management: Lessons learned and strategies for success. International Journal of Environmental Sciences & Natural Resources 26(4): 556194.
• Kline KL, Ramirez LF, Sum C, López Ridaura S, Dale VH. 2020. Enhance indigenous agricultural systems to reduce migration. Nature Sustainability 3: 74–76.
• Kliskey, A., Williams, P., Dale, V.H., Schelly, C., Marshall, A., Griffith, D., Eaton, W., Floress, K., Gagnon, V., Oxarango-Ingram, J. In press. Thinking big and thinking small: A conceptual framework for best practices in community and stakeholder engagement in food, energy, and water systems. Sustainability.
• Zhuang J, Sun H, Sayler G, Yu G, Kline KL, Dale VH, Jin M, Yu G, Fu B, Löffler FE. 2021. Food-energy-water crises in the United States and China: Commonalities and asynchronous experiences support the integration of global efforts. Environmental Science and Technology