Huazheng Liu

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Country: China

Faculty Advisor: Yanfeng Jia

Institution: Water Resources and Hydropower Engineering, Shenyang Agricultural University

Program of Study: Agricultural Resources and Environment, college of Land and Environment



Female doctoral candidate,  research direction is the law of soil and water loss, and committed to combining theory with practice, taking soil and water conservation measures to prevent and control soil loss,  determined to make modest contribution to the protection of one of the three major black soil regions in the world with my own knowledge.


Soil structure is an important factor that determines soil function, supports plant and animal growth, and regulates environmental quality.  Soil aggregate is an important indicator of soil structure, and the change of soil aggregate can affect soil porosity, change soil aeration and permeability, and ultimately change soil productivity.  The fragmentation mechanism of soil aggregates is quite different under different conditions, and they have different characteristics at different particle size composition stages.  In this study, LEBISSONNAIS method was used to simulate the effects of light rain, heavy rain and runoff disturbance on soil aggregate fragmentation, so as to clarify the state and cause of soil aggregate structure destruction in the black soil area of northeast China, and to better understand the destruction mechanism of soil aggregate.