Tianchi Lin

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Email Address: 13942339021@163.com

Country: China

Faculty Advisor: Qingyu Liu

Institution: Shenyang Agricultural University

Program of Study: Agricultural Resources and Environment, college of Land and Environment


Female doctoral candidate, the research direction is the preparation of carbon-based catalysts and the high-value utilization of agricultural waste, and the current research focus is on the directional transformation of cellulosic biomass.  


 In order to convert cellulose into platform compounds, an advanced recyclable biochar-based solid acid catalyst (O-HPW@MBC) was synthesised via a novel solvent-free ball milling protocol.  The effects of O-HPW@MBC on the hydrolysis efficiency of ball-milled cellulose and the preparation conditions on the catalytic activity of O-HPW@MBC were also studied.  The results showed that O-HPW@MBC-40% exhibited the yield of reducing sugar (58.2%) and the glucose selectivity (77.7%) at 160°C for 4h.  The mechanism studies showed that HPW would be chemically immobilized on the biochar.  In the external magnetic field, O-HPW@MBC catalyst shows good reusability and has superior recovery performance in practical application.