Xiaoyu Liu

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Email Address: 1315984684@qq.com

Country: China

Faculty Advisor: Luo pei yu

Institution: Shenyang Agricultural University

Program of Study: Agricultural Resources and Environment, college of Land and Environment


Female doctoral candidate, the research direction is the preparation of carbon-based catalysts and the high-value utilization of agricultural waste, and the current research focus is on the directional transformation of cellulosic biomass.  


As the main component of agricultural waste, livestock and poultry manure contains a variety of pollutants, including heavy metal pathogens and antibiotics, which pose potential health hazards to plants and humans through the food chain. At present, composting and anaerobic digestion are the main methods to treat livestock and poultry manure, but these two methods cannot completely eliminate antibiotics and pathogens in livestock and poultry manure, and the bioavailability of heavy metals in the products after treatment is still high. The preparation of biochar from livestock manure can not only achieve the goal of manure reduction and harmlessness, reduce environmental pollution, but also attain the purpose of waste utilization and bring environmental and economic benefits. Manure-based biochar is widely used in the field of environmental remediation due to its unique physicochemical properties, low cost and environmental friendliness, which can be used to adsorb/immobilize pollutants in water and alleviate the serious harm caused by pollutants in wastewater to the ecological environment and human health. This report is